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Our aim with this Blog is to provide you with not only actionable intelligence on area activities in and around Sapphire, Cashiers, Lake Toxaway, Glenville, and Highlands, but provide some hints, tips and even introductions that you might find useful.

The goal with including our personal opinions, is to give you some some “food for thought.” We would love to get your feedback & suggestions, on any topic, even when our opinions don’t coincide with your own. While it seems most of society has lost the ability to have a debate, forty years in business tells me there is no other way to become educated, correct course and make life-long friends.

One last thing, we created the CabinCareWNC Blog as a place for us to interact with you, highlight our before & after photos and more importantly, to talk about the things we love doing here in the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau area and share our experiences.

Thanks for visiting the CabinCareWNC Blog. We appreciate you spending time with us, are truly greatful and hope to here from you if you have any topics, questions, comments, special events on your calendar or if there is a local business leader that you believe we should interview and highlight right here!

We hope you’ll find value from our blog. We work hard on bringing you fun and interesting local news and events from the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau, while we focus on continuing to provide you the services that you need to make your time here more enjoyable.

Would love to get not only your feedback, but updates and notifications on things going on in, and around our community… so please don’t be shy – comment away in the comments section at the end of each post.

My Dad and I are really glad you are here! Please let us know if you have any questions!

Time for what matters

As homeowners in Sapphire, North Carolina, we face a unique set of issues that we need to overcome while having a home in the mountains. This is not unique to Western North Carolina, but in any destination that is farther from a major metropolitan. While we made the conscious choice to purchase property “off the […]

Home Remodeling Projects

Like you, I would like the home remodeling projects in my home or the work done on my property – done by qualified members of our community. It goes without saying, it has to be done right. These type of home remodeling projects are not (traditionally) something that can be done by a Property Manager […]

Getting Ready for Groovin’ on the Green!

It’s that time of year again friends and neighbors… for Groovin’ On the Green! The sounds of live music will be echoing off the mountain sides, while we watch the sky, clouds and mountains change and morph providing the most majestic art available.  We will be meeting at The Village Green in Cashiers, NC. to […]

Charging Guests for Vacation Rental Cleaning

Your Complete Guide to Pricing Vacation Rental Cleaning Services Owners often struggle with setting a price on vacation rental cleaning. It’s not hard to see why – if you take a look at to top two Vacation Rental sites (AirBnB, HomeAway, FlipKey, Tripping, HomeToGo, VRBO, HouseTrip, VayStays, VacayHero and WimDo ) and you’ll see the […]

Vacation Rental Bookings

When we travel, we use AirBnB & found it a wonderful experience and a great way to submerge into the local culture in a way a traditional hotel can’t offer.  Over the past few years Vacation Rental Booking sites like AirBnB, HomeAway, FlipKey, Tripping, HomeToGo, VRBO, HouseTrip, VayStays, VacayHero and WimDo have grown in popularity […]

Cleaning With Hydrogen Peroxide Tips

Hiring the right housekeeper through CabinCareWNC can be life-altering for a busy family like yours. It’s more than just tips for Cleaning with Hydrogen Peroxide. Think about your life where it is right now – whether single, a couple, retired or a family of any size. Maybe you struggle to fold laundry, clean ovens, get […]

You Are Covered

What does it mean when someone tells you that you are “covered?” In reality it could be a porch, a gazebo, a roof, a hat, financial backing, an insurance policy, an umbrella in the rain… the options are endless, especially without context. So what do we do in this age of technological advancements when there […]

Home Repair and Improvement Projects

I remember how easy it looked when my father did home repair and improvement projects. Remember dear reader that this was before the DYI (Do It Yourself) movement. We didn’t have the luxury in my house to watch it on HGTV. We were expected to be actively involved. I was dipping the mops in the […]

An Introduction

While preparing to start the CabinCare WNC blog, we though it only appropriate to start with a what you should expect as a reader, potentially as a customer, definitely as a vendor, and without question as someone interested in joining our team. Let’s focus on first things first… what you should know about working with […]

Thank you in advance

If you are reading today’s post, most likely you have clicked a link… so thank you. Thank you for your interest in our company and your time getting to know what we stand for.. and what we won’t. The one major take away from my time in business is that time is the one thing […]